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many images courtesy of Ernesto Vitetti.
Uniforms of early WWII
King Michael I in AF garb
King Michael I in uniform
King Michael I accepting standard
Air Force color guard for Mussolini visit parade
Air Force generals waiting for parade to start
AF General Emanoil Jonescu meets a Luftwaffe counterpart. He wears the pilot and observer badge.
A Romanian AF man with his Yugoslavian AF mates
Romanian pilots plan their flight
A Romanian pilot with his trusty mount (image provided by Florin)
Fun in the desert
Romanian AA team adds a kill mark
A very rare view of a female Romanian Air Force pilot. She is Marina Dragescu, a medevac pilot with the 108th squadron, also known as the White Squadron. The plane behind her is a Polish RWD-13 (thanks to Lionel Cas for the information).

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